Thursday, October 30, 2008

DC CX, hit it!

As per our MO, we get somewhere, decide where we want to park and start taking up space. "And the circus comes to town."

Out of the corner of my eye... but then I realize that we don't want to tangle with that... whatever.

Things are thining out, we are about to call it a day, when Jackie notices something.

A real live Cougar that actually acknowledges our hunt and her status.
Meet our new friend Chris H.

She was actually smitten by me and my antics at Lily Pons, what w/ chugging a Black & Tan on the last lap in the Party Zone, who wouldn't be?
Turns out, as interested in ChrisM as she was, he was too old for her. She's got a 27 year old boy friend...
"Too Old", you and Pookie have something in common ChrisM!

And here I am consoling old Chris after the let down and of course Jackie, off in the distance, looking for others.

What a nice day it was.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Lie

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You paying attention Chris?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IC, Iron Cougar

First one back, making sure the shack and Jackie are still there.
Preparing the shack for the Cougar arrivals.

Chris coming back, rather empty handed.

Libby and Betsy swapping boy sightings out on the trail.
Libby could be a Cougar, 'ceptin' she's happily married and such.

View from the Bunk Haus Porch, gotta be Cougar up there somewhere.

AndyA looking like he was mauled out there by a Cougar.

RogerM trying to hit on Betsy, telling her about the tractor tires on his bike!

A slew of hacks lamenting the lack of Cougars and waiting for JR. MikeH is going to open a beer bottle w/ a piece of folded paper. Right after he mutilates his fingers in the process.

Cougars w/ Crosses!
Those socks make you look old Sonya... keep it up!

Our humble abode.

Breaking camp. We had plenty of SoBe for the Cougars, if they would've only stopped by...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Post IC Lite, Promising Circumstances

We found a likely place for our Festival.
Right in the middle of things. It was going to be a little cold out so we had set our hopes and sites pretty high.

There goes the nieghborhood!

But look at how inviting it all is!

And so we waited.
JR w/ his laptop-blaster and the rest of us w/ lots of beer.

Pretty Boy is very anxious and excited.

Until we got bored as it looked as though no one was going to stop by.

A happy Jackie is a good Jackie.

JR says Cross racing is hard on the equipment.

Steve-0 says it's hard on his equipment too.

IC Lite

Cougars like beer and because they're Cougars they most likely like Lite beer.

We had Cougar Fest! set up, but it was pretty far away from the action for this, the first day of IC Action.

Betsy made it to the podium and Sonya kind of looks like a Cougar doesn't she?

Chris wasn't very happy w/ any of this.

Pat Leonard kept me from getting to my Podium.

Pretty Picture!

Nothing to do w/ Cougars or a festival.

But it was seen at Iron Cross and I promised Betsy that I'd have a picture up... well she said that it was supposed to be from DC CX, but right now this is what's going up.


Friday, October 10, 2008

You're OK with us

That's what they said.

Now onto Iron Cross!
Cougar Fest ramgpages on.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Spam, you ham

"This blog has been locked and unpublished due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.

This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.

Request Unlock Review"

Still have to do capatchas before posting.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kelley Acres Cross, gotta be Cougars!

FauxBras, in multiple, should mean Cougars!

The one on the right definitely looks like a Cougar.

I think there were Cougars up on the deck, but they missed Chris.

Nice shot of Betsy, Chris looking for Cougars, and Cougar Fest up there on the right.

Future Cougars? and those other Cougars. Nice guns Betsy!

Megan (tongue grrl on left) from Black Cat Burrito, Boone NC, and Cougars.
Now where is Chris?
Notice how the inexperienced(?) B woman straddles her Cheesecake, while Betsy stays away from that...

Hagerstown Breast Awareness Cross, Cougars?

Chris was there.
I didn't get a snappy of the sign. We had decent placement, but a little far from the real race to attract any Cougars.

Betsy had really pretty shoes on though.

I was disappointed that the BMX track was closed.

You've seen a picture like this elsewhere, but this was the first.
Outlaw Cheerleaders and Cougar Fest?!

Here's where it was. I was taking snappies of the trees.

The venue was there in the center, far from Cougar Fest. :(

First Event, Ed Sander Memorial Cross & Clinic

This is what greeted the racers on Sunday morning.

Freakin' Chris didn't even come out, so Cougar Fest was really a bust, though we did get some interested parties.

On the way to the first Event!

You can see it in the rear window of Clifford.

We were so excited.

First Posting of the Sign