Thursday, October 30, 2008

DC CX, hit it!

As per our MO, we get somewhere, decide where we want to park and start taking up space. "And the circus comes to town."

Out of the corner of my eye... but then I realize that we don't want to tangle with that... whatever.

Things are thining out, we are about to call it a day, when Jackie notices something.

A real live Cougar that actually acknowledges our hunt and her status.
Meet our new friend Chris H.

She was actually smitten by me and my antics at Lily Pons, what w/ chugging a Black & Tan on the last lap in the Party Zone, who wouldn't be?
Turns out, as interested in ChrisM as she was, he was too old for her. She's got a 27 year old boy friend...
"Too Old", you and Pookie have something in common ChrisM!

And here I am consoling old Chris after the let down and of course Jackie, off in the distance, looking for others.

What a nice day it was.

1 comment:

C said...

Chris M, I might be having second thoughts.......

Cougar Chris H