Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IC, Iron Cougar

First one back, making sure the shack and Jackie are still there.
Preparing the shack for the Cougar arrivals.

Chris coming back, rather empty handed.

Libby and Betsy swapping boy sightings out on the trail.
Libby could be a Cougar, 'ceptin' she's happily married and such.

View from the Bunk Haus Porch, gotta be Cougar up there somewhere.

AndyA looking like he was mauled out there by a Cougar.

RogerM trying to hit on Betsy, telling her about the tractor tires on his bike!

A slew of hacks lamenting the lack of Cougars and waiting for JR. MikeH is going to open a beer bottle w/ a piece of folded paper. Right after he mutilates his fingers in the process.

Cougars w/ Crosses!
Those socks make you look old Sonya... keep it up!

Our humble abode.

Breaking camp. We had plenty of SoBe for the Cougars, if they would've only stopped by...

1 comment:

Fat-Boy said...

It's on Saturday night!! Me staying at Chris's place is bound to attract the cougars! Watch out D.C.